alterMemorial Chapel of All Souls
St. Huberts , New York

This Episcopal chapel was begun in 1912 as a “memorial to all souls, near and distant, known and unknown.”

Intended as the successor to the Rev. George W. DuBois’ Felsenheim Chapel, All Souls was built by William Otis of Keene Valley on land purchased from the Adirondack Mountain Reserve. The first service was held in 1912 and the chapel was consecrated in May 1916.

The Parish House, known as the DuBois Memorial, was built in 1915 by William Otis, using lumber saved for the purpose when the Felsenheim Chapel was torn down in 1914.

Many furnishings from Felsenheim Chapel were transferred to All Souls, including the Cross, the Chalice, the Bishop’s Chair, the Pulpit, Prayer Desk and Lectern, and two lovely stained glass windows.

First as a mission and later as a summer chapel, All Souls has continued to serve both summer and year-round residents of the community. The Father Mabry fund (named after the priest whose dynamic leadership revitalized the chapel in the late 1960’s) ensures that the door of the Memorial Chapel of All Souls will always be open during the summer and its mission will continue.